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Finding Balance in Life and Work

“Balance is not about making everything even.” ~Co-active Coaching (2011)

Life seemed out of balance. I worked too much, played too little and longed for the type of life in which everything landed on an even keel.

I believed it possible until a […]

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Simple 3-Step Process for Moving Toward Getting What You Want

Jim (not his real name) reached out to me for coaching, stuck to the point of wanting to give up. With his whole heart, Jim wanted to break out of the corporate world and start his own Information Technology Consulting (IT) Firm.

His resume […]

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Daring to Answer the Song Of Your Heart with Christopher McCluskey, PCC – Part 2

Welcome to Episode 7 of Professional Christian Coaching Today in which we sit down with our show’s host, Christopher McCluskey, PCC, for part two of his inspiring story.

In the previous podcast, Chris talked about the challenges and obstacles he faced after shutting down his successful […]

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How to Coach Like Nehemiah

Nehemiah, a cupbearer to King ArtaXerxes, who ruled in the citadel of Susa in 444 B.C., heard that his people (the Israelites) were in distress because the wall of their city, Jerusalem, was broken down.

Like the prospect that comes to you because he or she […]

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Use Direct Communication to Dance with Your Clients

Perhaps you coach a client like one of mine.

She comes to the session excited to meet with her coach.

She reports her wins with enthusiasm.

She states her focus and goal.

Cue the music and let the exploration begin!

You ask a powerful, visioning-type question.

You listen, actively, and reflect.

You […]

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Daring to Answer the Song Of Your Heart with Christopher McCluskey, PCC – Part 1

Welcome to Episode 6 of The Professional Christian Coaching Today podcast in which today we sit down with our show’s host, Christopher McCluskey, to hear his story as he has dared to answer the song of his heart, a song placed there by God.

Raised in […]

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Four Ways to Avoid the Comparison Trap

Comparison. It’s a deadly trap that left me, as a new coach, discouraged, defeated and paralyzed.

I remember waking up each morning, fueled by excitement at the thought of building my coaching business. But as I surfed the Internet for help, I’d stumble across […]

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Master-Full Coaching with Charles Hooper, MDiv, PCC

Today, we’re listening in on an entire coaching session from beginning to end and offering commentary on key points in the conversation, including a dramatic shift that happened halfway through the session.

In this pre-recorded session, leadership coach and Professional Christian Coaching Institute faculty member Charles […]

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Coaches, Move Away from the “Why?” Questions

At an in-person Christian Coaches Network International conference years ago, I heard a coaching demonstration that changed how I coach from that day forward. An experienced coach worked with a volunteer “client” and masterfully deepened the client’s awareness. He listened carefully, helped the client sort through details, and […]

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Psychological Noise and How It Can Hijack A Coaching Session

One of the challenges coaches face is silencing the noise that can distract us during a coaching session. For those of us who work from home without a designated office space, it can be especially challenging. Most of us do well when it comes to […]

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