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Balanced Living: A Journey Worth Taking

Enjoy this article from our archives as we focus again on balanced living–for you, as a coach, and for your clients!

Today’s high-speed world of schedules and life’s excessive demands on our time and energy leave […]

Coaching Leaders Around Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Part 2)

In last week’s article, Coaching Leaders Around Emotionally Healthy Spirituality—Part 1, we talked about the link between emotional health and spiritual maturity. Drawing on pastor and author Peter Scazzero’s book, The Emotionally Healthy Church, we […]

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? It Should Be. Here’s Why.

Starting April 21, 2015, not being mobile friendly will have a significant impact on your rankings and traffic. You could go from ranking on the first page of Google, to not even making the first […]

Coaching Leaders around Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Part 1)

As a leadership coach and spiritual director, I have had the privilege of coaching and directing national and international leaders. Reflecting on the hundreds of conversations, I’ve identified what I believe is the primary obstacle […]