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The Top 10 Talents that Define Successful Entrepreneurs

An article featured in the September 2014 issue of Inc. Magazine, "Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur,” reveals groundbreaking research that shows what sets apart successful entrepreneurs from the pack. According to Gallup, who conducted the study, successful entrepreneurs scored “high” on 10 entrepreneurial talents [...]

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Strengths-Based Living and Coaching

Do you and your clients find it hard to get everything accomplished? Would you like to do more with the time you already have? Today you’ll find out how you can do that and more. This episode unpacks the groundbreaking research, equips you with practical [...]

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Dr. Marilee Adams on Question Thinking™

Did you know that your thoughts and behaviors are driven by questions? If you want to understand how to manage your thinking and make better decisions, which leads to more powerful actions, tune in to learn how to build your “question thinking” strategy. Receive valuable [...]

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The Secret to Asking a Powerful Question

Every coach I mentor wants to know the secret to asking a powerful question. A coach will typically ask me some form of these two questions, back to back: "How can I master powerful questioning? What can I say to phrase my questions so that [...]

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The Distracted Coach and How Not To Be One

Have external, internal or even spiritual distractions pulled you off course? Listen in today to glean strategies that will help you prevent and process controllable distractions, so you can bring your best self to each and every coaching conversation. You’ll learn: How to dissipate the [...]

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Creating a Coaching Culture in an Organization

Unsure of how to create a coaching culture in your organization? Then you’ll benefit from the concepts presented in this podcast. You’ll not only receive theoretical information but tools for practical transformation. In this episode, you will... Learn techniques for creating perspective-changing timelines to positively [...]

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A Coach Approach to Developing Church Leaders

Coaching continues to extend its reach with more and more churches exploring the ways in which coaching can serve the mission of the church, especially with regards to leadership development. In a culture rife with change, a new breed of leader is rising to the [...]

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Master-Full Coaching With Susan Whitcomb, PCC

Inspiring yet full of practical tips and techniques for coaches, you don’t want to miss a single word as Chris and Kim walk you through this professional-grade, Master-full coaching session with Susan Whitcomb. In this episode, you’ll observe how to: Learn to use key-worded reflections [...]

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What Would Jesus Ask? According to Mark

As I coach clients, I often wonder: what would Jesus ask? The Gospel of Mark contains a powerful question, which Jesus asked in ancient times. About six years ago, it changed the trajectory of my life. The back story At the age of sixteen, I [...]

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Coaching to Increase Emotional Intelligence with Peter Beck

Would you like to be more successful in life and business while encouraging others to do the same? This week Chris and Kim interview Peter Beck, Director of Training and Coaching at RightPath, to learn more about the critical role that emotional intelligence (EQ) plays [...]