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Spiritual Formation: How Thirsty Are You?

In 1996, a young US marine corporal named Joey Mora was standing on a platform of an aircraft carrier patrolling the Iranian Sea.   Incredibly, he fell overboard.  His absence was not known for 36 […]

5 Levels of Leadership: Increasing Impact and Influence

Leadership is influence. Period. The question is not whether you are a leader, but what sort of leader you will be. Leadership in its fullest form is not a one-dimensional approach, but an ever expanding […]

Is Wellness Coaching Right for You?

Wellness coaches focus on the health and wellness of their clients. Given the broad spectrum of areas that fall under the category of wellness coaching, some coaches narrow their focus further. Some wellness coaches might […]

Risky Business: Blurring the Lines Between Coaching and Counseling

As a coach, you will face situations throughout your career when it’s necessary to refer a client to a professional counselor. For example, a client may divulge that he or she struggles with a life-controlling […]