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Persevering in the Face of Trials

Are you experiencing the pains of launching and growing your private coaching practice? Every coach walks this road; so today, Chris and Kim come alongside you to help you navigate through the tough challenges. You’ll receive: Insight into how to make the transition from being [...]

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How To Persevere Through Trials 

About two years ago, the best and worst thing that ever happened to me happened. I got a text from my then-husband: “I no longer love you and have no hope for our marriage.” At that moment, I knew it was over. Sure enough, I [...]

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Master-Full Coaching With Kim Avery, PCC

Kim’s mission is to change the world through coaching… one successful coach at a time. As a Professional Certified Coach and Business Coach, Kim simplifies business building for Christian coaches so they can do what they were created to do – coach. Kim Avery will [...]

  • MarketingforIntroverts

Marketing for Introverts

What if you hosted a party and nobody came? You cleaned house, cooked for days, and baked a magnificent cake. But no one was there to enjoy the fun. That’s exactly what many coaches are doing online. They spend months building a website, weeks composing [...]

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Living Well Doing Good

Wealth. What does that mean to you as a coach and as a Christian? In this thought-provoking interview with Dan Miller, Chris McCluskey and Dan dig deep into this fascinating, and at times controversial, topic that impacts both the work we do with our clients [...]

  • Master-Full Coaching

What is Master-Full Coaching?

“Master-full coaching is a unique blend of Spirit-led curiosity and learned skills” (McCluskey, 2016). But it’s not a topic I’ve found in any book—which makes sense because it’s more “caught” than “taught” (McCluskey, 2016). So, what’s the best way to learn this technique? What’s the [...]

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Turning Inquiries Into Clients

Do you ever wonder how successful coaches secure clients? Here’s the secret: they schedule inquiry calls that really work. Take the guesswork off your to-do list and listen in to find out how you can start serving more clients and earning the income you deserve. [...]

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Differences Between Life and Leadership Coaching

People often ask me: What are the differences between life and leadership coaching? While the core competencies are the same, there is a distinction. Life Coaching In general, people choose life coaching because they want to move forward in some area that mostly pertains to [...]

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Do you have trouble getting everything done? Do you find technology overwhelming? Would you like to work more in your areas of strengths and less in your areas of weakness? Maybe it’s time to hire a virtual assistant. Benefits of listening: Find out what a [...]

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The Top 10 Talents that Define Successful Entrepreneurs

An article featured in the September 2014 issue of Inc. Magazine, "Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur,” reveals groundbreaking research that shows what sets apart successful entrepreneurs from the pack. According to Gallup, who conducted the study, successful entrepreneurs scored “high” on 10 entrepreneurial talents [...]

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