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Why It’s So Hard Being Ourselves

I’m an identical twin and growing up as a twin was fun. Since Matthew and I looked alike, people would identify us by our clothes. Our parents usually dressed me in red and Matthew in blue. But what if our clothes got switched? That was [...]

By | April 19th, 2018|Articles|

The Coach Comparison Trap

I have a problem with comparison. I am sure I am not the only one bout there who compares my coaching business to others. I especially seem to do this to other coaches who have been building their businesses for many more years than I [...]

By | April 12th, 2018|Articles|

5 Ways Coaching Is Different Than Counseling

What’s the difference between coaching and counseling? Most people don’t know. We shared previously that according to the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, only 30% of the public correctly identified coaching among other modalities such as mentoring, consulting, and counseling. We already discussed the [...]

By | April 5th, 2018|Articles|

The Success of Faithfulness

“God has not called me to be successful; He has called me to be faithful.” Mother Teresa I find it so easy to get caught up in the numbers of my coaching business. How many clients do I have? How much revenue is my business [...]

By | March 22nd, 2018|Articles|