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Get Coaching Clients: Stop Selling, Start Serving

Year after year, I hung my head in shame. While all the other Girl Scouts earned their cookie-selling badges with ease, I could barely get my Mom to buy a single box. Selling was just […]

Build a Thriving Coaching Business: Strategies and Systems for Success

The momentum is building. You’ve finished your classes, got your first client, and you’re off to a strong start. But like a racehorse that bolts from the gate but quickly falls behind, you wonder if […]

3 Steps to Finding Your Sweet Spot

My first business venture failed.

I had set up my card table, squeezed the lemons, added a boatload of sugar, and put up my sign. My first-ever entrepreneurial adventure, Kim’s Lemonade Stand, never made it off […]

5 Spheres of Leadership Influence

You are a leader. Whether a formal or informal leader, you have influence over thousands of people over the course of your lifetime. Many of us are formal leaders with a title of authority. All of us […]