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It’s All in Your Head: Moving from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

Do your clients struggle with a fixed mindset? As I have been pressing forward as a life coach, learning about a fixed vs. growth mindset, especially through the research of Carol Dwek, has made a big difference in my own personal approach. I believe her […]

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What to Include in Your Coach’s Welcome Packet

Welcoming new coaching clients with a formal welcome packet and intake forms helps your clients maximize their sessions with you and contributes to setting a solid foundation for coaching success. Hopefully, your coach training included instruction on putting together intake forms and orienting your clients […]

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The 5 Key Roles of a Christian Life Coach

Christopher McCluskey, PCC and founder of The Professional Christian Coaching Institute defines the key roles of a Christian life coach.

“Christian life coaches assist clients in moving forward in some identified area(s) of their life by:

Clarifying their vision
Identifying their core values that support the vision
Identifying resources […]

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Coaching Tool: Circles of Responsibility and Concern

Two summers ago I was determined to build a deck on my house, and I had a plan. However, there were a few obstacles in my way, namely knowledge, skill, and tools. That’s not a problem; is it?

Enter, my friend David. Although not an expert […]

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What is Christian Life Coaching?

What makes Christian life coaching distinct from other forms of coaching?

Certainly, most people would agree that Christian Life Coaching is Christ-centered, biblically based, and Spirit-empowered. But however helpful these terms may be, they offer little practical help to Christian life coaches seeking to honor God […]

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Definition and Distinctions of Coaching

This article, written by Certified Professional Life Coach Dale Young, elaborates on our most recent article, “What is Christian Coaching?”

In a recent podcast, Christopher McCluskey, President of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI), discussed the primary distinctions between coaching as defined by the International Coach Federation […]

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  • What is Christian Coaching?

What is Christian Coaching?

What’s the difference between coaching and Christian coaching? What makes Christian coaching distinct and different from other professions, like mentoring and counseling? Why do people hire a Christian coach?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process […]

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  • Well-Being Theory

Well-Being Theory: The PERMA Model

Few individuals have shaped the profession of positive psychology, and with it, the field of professional coaching, as much as psychologist, educator, and author Martin E.P. Seligman. In recent years, he has focused much of his work and writing on the concept of “flourishing” or […]

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5 Characteristics of Successful Professional Coaches

What distinguishes successful coaches from those that fall short? Why do some coaches build thriving coaching businesses while others’ coaching businesses barely survive? While answers to these questions may vary, many successful coaches share these common traits.
Successful coaches . . .
Rank high in emotional intelligence.
Emotional […]

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SWOT Analysis: Build a Successful Coaching Business

Successful coaching businesses don’t just happen. Robust coaching businesses require intentional thought and planning, as well as a clear understanding of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (a SWOT Analysis) you posses, both personally and professionally.

If you’ve never completed a SWOT analysis before, it’s simple. […]

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