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A New Vision for the Workplace

Last week my wife drove to Massachusetts to attend the funeral of her friend, Tony. Colette and Tony became friends when they were 13. They lived in the same neighborhood in Lowell, Massachusetts, which is the town that the movie The Fighter took place. After [...]

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95 Outcomes of Christian Coaching

The world needs a Christian coaching movement. I’ve seen the good things that come from coaching, God’s grace poured out behind the scenes whether the client asked for God’s grace or not. I’ve seen the good things that come from walking with Christ. Put them [...]

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The Myth of the Overnight Success

Many coaches starting out struggle with a feeling of inferiority because their business or idea isn’t growing as fast as they think it should. They see many examples of marketing that shows people who built their $100,000 business in a few months, or someone who [...]

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Growing Your Coaching Business Amid Life-Impacting Challenges with Amanda Keleher

If you’ve ever believed life-impacting challenges could keep you from launching and growing the coaching career of your dreams, let today’s guest inspire you. She’s faced chronic migraines, an auto accident, a potential job loss, and blindness. But she’s structured her coaching business around the [...]

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