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Coaching on Mindset

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can—or you think you can’t—you’re right.” About 90% of what happens to us in life is shaped by our attitudes—our mindset. So what can be done to change it? Listen in to: Unlock the 4 quadrants of self-examination [...]

By |July 26th, 2016|Professional Christian Coaching Today|
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It’s All in Your Head: Moving from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

Do your clients struggle with a fixed mindset? As I have been pressing forward as a life coach, learning about a fixed vs. growth mindset, especially through the research of Carol Dwek, has made a big difference in my own personal approach. I believe her [...]

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The Successful Coach: Charles Hooper, MDiv, PCC

Are you coaching leaders, pastors, and ministry leaders? Then you don’t want to miss this episode with Charles Hooper. As Director of Life on Life Ministries with Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Charles trains pastors and ministry leaders worldwide, and as a Leadership Coach in private [...]

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A Tale of Three Leaders: The Power of Coaching in the Local Church

“Isn’t coaching for people who have problems?” ministry leaders often ask. Recently, I found myself thinking about this question, its answer, and the implications--the potential and promise coaching holds for the local church. The truth is coaching isn't about healing; it is about growth. To [...]

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Your Ideal Week

How do you typically spend the 168 hours available to you each week? If you’re wondering why it feels like you have fewer than 168 hours, the information in this podcast can help transform those stagnant feelings into productive thoughts and actions. The result? You’ll [...]

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Train Your Brain, To Live Your Ideal Week

In order to train your brain how to live out your ideal week, a good place to begin is to tell yourself the truth. John (not his real name) hired me as his coach during the time he had lost his job and was looking [...]

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Should You Become a Coach?

Today, we’ll help you answer the question: "Is coaching for me?" If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business or helping people in a full-time capacity, you’ll take away insights to help you discern your best "yes" or "no." Tune in to find out: [...]

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Should I Become a Coach? Seven Reasons To Say Yes!

1) You know you are called to help people but traditional people-helping professions don’t seem like the best fit for you. Perhaps counseling would be too stressful for you because it feels like dwelling in the past. Maybe consulting feels like you have to be [...]

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Persevering in the Face of Trials

Are you experiencing the pains of launching and growing your private coaching practice? Every coach walks this road; so today, Chris and Kim come alongside you to help you navigate through the tough challenges. You’ll receive: Insight into how to make the transition from being [...]

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How To Persevere Through Trials 

About two years ago, the best and worst thing that ever happened to me happened. I got a text from my then-husband: “I no longer love you and have no hope for our marriage.” At that moment, I knew it was over. Sure enough, I [...]

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