The Power of Community

Loneliness affects 41 percent of entrepreneurs, and as coaches working out of a home office, we are no exception. With that loneliness, coaches experience loss of motivation, procrastination, decision fatigue, stress, and more. But this doesn’t have to impact you.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • The side affects that come with isolation and the concrete ways to overcome this very normal issue.
  • Why working alone actually drains your energy and motivation and ways to change it today.
  • A special, free invitation for you to engage in a large Christian coaching community so you can move forward in your business with the support you need.

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Join us Monday, December 5th, 12pm ET for the first Christian Coaches Café, a live, monthly video conference call just for Christian coaches.

On December 5th our theme will be Revolutionize Your New Year’s Planning. Jump start your New Year with this hands-on workshop to help you…

  • Tap into your long-term vision to clarify what matters most.
  • Continue to craft strategic short-term objectives that support your long-term vision.
  • Solidify daily/weekly actions that lead to significant success.
  • And connect with other coaches in a supportive community!

For more information and to reserve your seat visit:

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About the Author:

Christopher McCluskey, MSW, PCC, is President & CEO of Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Called by many the ‘Father of Christian Coaching’, Christopher has shaped this emerging field through his frequent teaching, writing, keynoting, and service on several international boards.