• Chris McCluskey: The Entreprenurial Mindset - Part 1

Chris McCluskey: The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Part 1

Christopher McCluskey, PCC, addresses the critical paradigm shifts necessary for transitioning from “employee” to “business owner”.

About the Author:

Christopher McCluskey, MSW, PCC, is President & CEO of Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Called by many the ‘Father of Christian Coaching’, Christopher has shaped this emerging field through his frequent teaching, writing, keynoting, and service on several international boards.

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  1. brentobannon November 14, 2016 at 7:46 am - Reply

    Thanks for encouraging and growing the Entrepreneurial Mindset Chris! In my coaching business we define an entrepreneur as someone “who turns an idea into a paying customer.” A tool I use and recommend to discover your entrepreneurial talents is the EP10 – Entrepreneurial Profile 10 researched and released by Gallup. It’s an online assessment that ranks the top 10 entrepreneurial talents to succeed as an entrepreneur. Send me a message through http://www.brentobannon.com if anyone has a question or wants to learn more. Looking forward to learning more from you and PCCI on growing a coaching business.

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