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5 Ways Coaching Is Different Than Mentoring

Do you know the difference between coaching and mentoring? A recent study by the International Coach Federation suggests you may not. In the 2017 Global Consumer Awareness Study, respondents were asked to select the definition of coaching among other modalities such as mentoring, consulting, training, [...]

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The Ups and Downs of “Positivity”

Sometimes when my family is getting ready for the day, I’m told to “dial it down.” Not all of them appreciate my happy dance while they’re eating their oatmeal. At 6:30 AM, they don’t all share my enthusiasm for all the exciting things that could [...]

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Christian Medical & Dental Association: Creating a Coaching Culture Inside an Organization

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a coaching culture inside of an organization, tune in! Dr. Ann Tsen, with Christian Medical and Dental Association, is here to highlight the processes, challenges, and benefits of bringing coaching and a coach-approach to large ministries and organizations. [...]

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50 Reasons Why You Deserve Coaching

Recently I earned my coach accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is recognized as the leading global organization for coaching. ICF estimates that worldwide there are 53,000 coaches who coach as a profession. With that many coaches (and more every day) let me [...]

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