Opening the Mailbox #5

We’re opening our virtual mailbox and providing answers to the questions you’ve been asking. Whether you’re new to coaching, rebranding, want to boost your marketing efforts or brush up on coaching ethics, we’ve got information that can support you in taking the next steps forward to grow your coaching business. [...]

Behind the Scenes

Get ready for the new year and open doors! We’re turning lessons learned throughout 2018 into plans for 2019. Join us as we take stock of the highs and lows and share valuable lessons learned, to help you grow. We’ll divulge: 6 lessons we learned from business, coaching and life [...]

Direct Communication (ICF Competency #7)

Direct Communication: it's not directive, it's not telling, and it's not advice giving; but it is distinctly direct. Join us and learn more about how to have the most effective language with your clients. You'll take away: Critical skills for professional grade coaching so you can have the greatest positive impact with [...]

Create a Winning Website

To create a winning website, you need more than a passion for your business—you need a high-quality website that creates a winning first impression. Learn how to get the best return on your investment, as you begin with the end in mind, and maximize your web presence. Tune in for [...]

The Certainty of God’s Faithfulness

If you’re certain of your call but question God’s faithfulness in the step-by-step process of living out your call, you’re absolutely not alone and we’ve got a word of encouragement for you. Join us in the gap between the call and the Promised Land as we look at the life [...]

The Successful Coach—Jon Lokhorst

Build a portfolio business, doing the things you love to do while serving with the strengths God has given you. In this episode, Jon Lokhorst will share his practical and profitable tips to help you move forward. Learn from his tried and true, whole-life view of offering up your giftings [...]

Coaching for Marketplace Impact

Coaches have a tremendous opportunity to transform culture, as they transform leaders and provide coaching for marketplace impact. Today, we’ll discuss the power of collaboration and culture-shaping, so you can have a catalytic influence on leaders, organizations and the world. Learn more about how to: Transform your Sunday prayers for [...]

Expand Your Reach

Did you know there are 2.2 billion active monthly users on Facebook? That piece of information, coupled with other impactful statistics we have uncovered, can help you understand how to expand your reach as a coach by building and maintaining a business page on Facebook. Get ready to bridge the [...]