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Living Out God’s Calling

The Call is certain: life is not. So how do you move forward with God even when you feel muddy and unclear? Following-up on Part 1, The Certainty of Our Call, Chris McCluskey shares some practical strategies for living through life's uncertain times. Tune in to discern: How to follow [...]

The Certainty of Our Call

God is certain: life is not. So how do you find clarity in the midst of all the uncertainty in life? It all depends on what you're listening for and looking for. The gifts and the call of the Lord are irrevocable. We want certainty and clarity... but what if [...]

Standing Out in the Crowd with Jesse Cole

How will your clients find you? That's the question you need to answer if you struggle with getting noticed in today's noisy, virtually-driven marketplace. Today, we'll walk you through the process of discovering what you're best at so you can build your brand and your business by: Focusing on a [...]

The Successful Coach: An Interview with Bryan Brown

What defines success when it comes to coaching? The answers are as open-ended as the question itself. Tune in today to hear a seasoned leadership coach share insights on successful coaching that you can implement in your coaching practice today. You’ll not only walk away with many answers to the [...]

Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Organization

Creating a coaching culture within an organization can seem like an overwhelming task, even if you’re a seasoned coach; but today we’re breaking it down to the basics with an expert. Whether you’re running a family-owned business as a solopreneur or climbing the corporate ladder in a large organization, we’ve [...]

Developing Emotional Intelligence Through Coaching

Would you like to experience greater success, improved relationships, reduced conflicts, and increased self-mastery for yourself as well as working with your clients to do the same? In this episode, you’ll hear why emotional intelligence is a key factor in creating those outcomes and how you, as a coach, can [...]

The Art & Science of Powerful Questions

The right question asked at the right time in the right way can create new insights, open greater possibilities, and generate tremendous motivation. This kind of powerful questioning is at the core of what we do as coaches. In today’s episode, Michael Powers helps us take this core skill even [...]

Three Marketing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

The world is changing at an exponential rate, and that raises some important questions. What is the best way to get your message out to potential clients? How can you market your business both efficiently and effectively? In this episode, we’ll reveal the most current marketing trends and how to [...]