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Encore Episode: What Is Professional Christian Coaching?

In today’s episode, Chris McCluskey and Kim Avery take a closer look at the term Professional Christian Coaching by addressing each component of the name and answering three important questions: What is coaching? What makes it professional coaching? What makes it Christian professional coaching? In this episode, you’ll learn: Why [...]

Opening the Mailbox #2

You ask; we listen! Today, we’re opening our virtual mailbox to answer your questions about coaching around addictions, helping clients maintain momentum, and more. Tune in to learn: How to discern if coaching or counseling is more appropriate for men and women recovering from addictions. How to help clients follow [...]

Coaching for Clarity and Momentum

One of the most important things coaches bring about in sessions is clarity--what matters, what’s most important, what would be different if change occurs. Since clarity comes up over and over in coaching and is core to the work coaches do, Gary Wood joins us today to share and explain [...]

Strengths-Based Coaching with Brent O’Bannon

Focusing on clients' strengths is a powerful strategy when it comes to helping them increase productivity and keep moving forward. In today's podcast, we've got the information you need to begin incorporating strengths-based coaching into your next session. Explore: The science and art of strengths-based coaching so you can balance [...]

Stick with It: Making Changes that Last

Coaches work with clients to help them create positive changes-in relationships, careers, finances, self-care practices, and more. Often our clients have lots of energy when it comes to dreaming and designing the changes they want to make, but they begin to lose motivation when it comes to long term implementation. [...]