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A Revolutionary Approach to Yearly Planning

If you want vision, direction, and motivation for 2017, you’ll get it here with a fresh alternative to your annual planning equipping both you and your clients to move forward with the things that matter most. In this episode, we’ll: Help you begin with the end in mind so you [...]

The Power of Community

Loneliness affects 41 percent of entrepreneurs, and as coaches working out of a home office, we are no exception. With that loneliness, coaches experience loss of motivation, procrastination, decision fatigue, stress, and more. But this doesn’t have to impact you. Tune in to learn more about: The side affects that [...]

Master-Full Coaching with Andrew Gorter, DMin, PCC

Do you know what coaches aren't supposed to do? Listen in on a Master-Full coaching session and notice what the coach doesn't do, so you can effectively work with clients who have a lack of clarity on their hopes and dreams. You'll also glean valuable insights on what to do: [...]

Get Clients Now With C.J. Hayden

Is marketing a terrifying word for you? Does it feel like an imposition instead of a service? If you said yes, you'll want to listen to this important podcast with best-selling author C.J. Hayden. You’ll get practical, actionable advice on: How to serve, not sell, so you can customize a [...]

Missionary Coaching with Dr. Don & Kathy Mingo

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference in the world without leaving your home? Have you ever wanted to influence the world through missions but don't have the time, energy, or money to travel? There's a way to do both. In today’s episode, you’ll hear real stories of applied [...]

Fostering POSSIBILITIES Thinking

Would you like effective techniques and practical tools to help you and your clients move from an “I can’t do this” mindset to envisioning and embracing positive possibilities? Then today’s episode is for you. We’ll equip you to... Adopt your own possibilities perspective Move your client from stuck to forward [...]

Jeff Spadafora on the Joy Model

Joy - how can you and your clients find it and keep it? In today’s episode Jeff Spadafora, author of The Joy Model, helps us understand why we lose the joy in our Christian lives and then equips us with six M.A.S.T.E.R. tools for living the vibrant life both we [...]

Leadership Coaching: The Cutting Edge

Does the lucrative and fast-growing field of leadership coaching sound interesting? Would you like to impact organizations and people at the highest level? In both business and ministry settings, leadership coaching is experiencing explosive growth. Tune in today to learn: The four keys to success as a leadership coach How [...]