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Professional Development: The Neglected Superpower

Do you feel like your well is dry? Are you pouring into the lives of others without anyone pouring into you? Because Christian coaches spend so much time serving their clients, families, churches, community and more... they need a place to replenish their souls. So grab your cup and sit [...]

Effective Public Speaking with Carol Kent and Anne Denmark

Are you interested in public speaking but not sure where to begin? Would you like to craft a message that is both powerful and meaningful? Today Carol Kent, bestselling author and international speaker, and Anne Denmark, Professional Certified Coach and facilitator for Speak Up Conferences, share a storehouse of wisdom [...]

Top Tax Questions for Coaches in Private Practice

Ready or not, here it comes... Tax Season! One of the side effects of having your own coaching business is having to deal with keeping records and doing taxes. Not your favorite thing? Today's episode will help you get through tax season with: Key information you need to calculate deductions [...]

Michael Stelzner on Building Your Email List

Have you been putting off building your e-mail list for months on end? What would it be worth to you to gain practical advice from an expert who grew his list to 500,000 subscribers? Today, the information is free to you! Tune in to cash in on the practical steps [...]

Crafting a Vision Statement

Who did God create you to be? How does He want the world to be different because you are here? What is His vision for your life? These are big questions for you and for your clients. And in today’s episode we’ll answer the most common questions around creating a [...]

Leadership Coaching or Consulting — What’s the Difference?

There’s a fine distinction between coaching and consulting, and it’s critical that every coach know what it is. Tune in as we address this significant topic and walk away with relevant information to protect you and your business... Meet ethical guidelines and professional standards so you don’t step over relational [...]

Christian Coaches Give Thanks

You've worked hard all year on growing your coaching business, so join us now in returning thanks and praise to our God. In honor of Christmas, listen in as over a dozen coaches share how God has blessed their coaching businesses this the past year. And we’d love for you [...]

De-stressing the Holidays with Linda Hedberg, ACC

Use coaching skills to help you navigate the holiday season with less stress. If you (or your clients) enter this time reacting to demands and expectations more or less on autopilot, just hoping to survive to see the New Year...we’ve got a special gift for you! Unwrap: Your vision for [...]