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Setting Meaningful Goals

Are you tired of setting goals but not reaching them? Perhaps the goals were too lofty, life’s busyness got in the way, or you hit a roadblock you didn’t know how to overcome. Whatever the difficulty, coaching can help! In today’s episode, we’ll walk you through the information you need [...]

Coaching Presence (ICF Competency #4)

Imagine being with someone who is fully present... Giving you their full attention... With you and for you as you share. That’s the heart of ICF Competency #4, Coaching Presence, and in today’s episode, Vicki Corrington, PCC will help us grow deeper into this important skill. Tune in as we: [...]

Gift-ology: The Beauty & Strength of Gift-Giving in Business

Gift-ology is the unique, generous approach to initiating and strengthening relationships. In today’s interview with John Ruhlin, author of Gift-ology, you’ll learn how to use gift giving to bless others while growing your coaching business. Tune in this episode to learn how to: Boost referrals, retention rates, and ROIs so [...]

The Successful Coach: Michael Powers

Do you wonder what it takes to become a successful coach? Would you like a behind-the-scenes look of how it’s really done? If you said “yes” then you’re in for a treat today! We’ve got the information and encouragement you need to persevere and succeed. Tune in to find out: [...]

Transformation Through Mastermind Groups

Have you ever wondered why people participate in mastermind groups? Today, you can be a “fly on the wall” in a live mastermind group to see what really happens and to determine if joining one is a good fit for you. In this episode: Hear firsthand, quantitative and qualitative transformations [...]

Career Coaching with Susan Whitcomb, PCC

According to Forbes Magazine, only 19% of all US and Canadian workers report being satisfied with their work, with an additional 16% saying they are somewhat satisfied. That leaves a full 69% of workers who are not happy with their jobs. Whether you are a Career Coach or specialize in [...]

The Leader as Coach

Leaders can increase both their impact and effectiveness when they consciously step into a coach’s mindset and heartset. In today’s episode, we’ll share and discuss portions of Chris McCluskey’s inspiring keynote speech at Convene’s 2015 annual business and marketplace ministry conference. Tune in to learn the importance of: Being relational [...]

Powerful Questioning (ICF Competency #6)

Asking powerful questions helps your client maximize discovery, gain clarity, create new possibilities, and shift paradigms. In this episode, Dr. Andrew Gorter unpacks this key ICF competency with helpful definitions, great examples, and Biblical principles. You’ll learn: The types of questions coaches ask and how they differ from those of [...]