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Coaching with the Brain in Mind

Have you ever heard of Christian Mindfulness? Whether you have or haven’t, today’s podcast is packed with insights that will impact your personal life, how you lead, and your coaching practice. The cutting-edge field of brain science, applied to life & leadership coaching, will boost your effectiveness in all areas [...]

Using Video to Grow Your Coaching Business

2017 has been called “The Year of the Video,” and as a coach, marketing your own business, you’ll want to take advantage of that trend. Making and sharing short videos is a great way to reach and resonate with your target market, but it can also be overwhelming. In this [...]

Effective Networking for Coaches

Networking is one of the most important skills you can hone to grow your coaching business and open doors for limitless opportunities. Don’t miss this important episode as Dr. Jevonnah Ellison, Founder of Maximum Potential Academy, shares: Where and how to grow a supportive network How to overcome challenges before you [...]

Active Listening (ICF Competency #5)

Do you want to take your listening skills from active to extravagant? In this episode, Todd Kemp, PCC, presents a detailed plan that will enrich your personal and coaching relationships and improve your leadership skills. Todd also shares his Extravagant Listening Manifesto, which will help you develop the mindset for [...]

Your Ideal Home Office

Do you stay super busy but still somehow feel unproductive? While it may seem frivolous, science is increasingly showing us that the space in which we work and the ways in which we work have a tremendous impact on the amount and the quality of what we produce. Tune in to hear more about: The minimum office considerations [...]

Coaching Work Teams with Fran LaMattina, MCC

If you've ever considered coaching within organizations to help build and strengthen teams, you'll want to tune in to hear valuable insights that will enable you to navigate the unique challenges and dynamics of this rewarding field of coaching. You'll not only learn general information on how to support leaders, [...]

Clarifying Life Purpose

What is your purpose? Why are you here? Who did God create you to be? These are big and important questions...for coaches and clients. Join us as we take a deep dive into today’s focus: Clarifying Life Purpose. We’ll tackle the most-asked questions around this topic and you’ll glean valuable [...]

Coaching the Coach with Georgia Shaffer, PCC

If you struggle in launching or growing your coaching business, you'll want to listen in as Georgia Shaffer relays highlights from her book Coaching the Coach: Life Coaching Stories and Tips for Transforming Lives. The information surpasses the traditional marketing, business strategies, and coaching education advice you already know. Today's podcast gets [...]